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It will probably be rubbish...

You know what it's like, you look at the forecast and it looks like it could be a good morning for a sunrise. The trouble is, you fancy a couple of glasses of wine and a late night watching a film. What do you do? It's easy to just think, "I'll stay up late and forget about tomorrow mornings sunrise as it will probably be rubbish anyway".

I often think like this as it's nice and warm in the house and sometimes your motivation just isn't there, especially during these awful 2020/2021 lockdowns.

I made the decision on a cold December evening to get my act together and to go out the next morning and see what I could photograph. The worse that can happen is I change my mind before i've left the house.

Next morning I get my stuff together and venture out pre sunrise and walk the mile to a gorgeous spot and wait for the sun to show itself.

It turns out that there was low lying mist in the valley and the sky was clear. I'd made the right decision to get up. As the sun rose and burnt away the early morning mist I took some photos that I am proud of. I also got the mental energy from a walk in the fresh air to help me through the rest of the day.

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