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I get a lot of my inspiration from my friends and the photos that they take, plus the conversations that we have together over glasses of red wine or coffee. My friends are invaluable to boosting my creativity and for making my world a better place.

I also watch a lot of Youtube, and I am active on Instagram. Below is a list of the photographers that I read about and admire, plus the people that I follow on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Have a look for yourself at the suggestions I make, and look at their work. 

Please feel free to contact me with your own lists. 

Henri Cartier-Bresson     Ansel Adams

Robert Capa                     David Hurn

Steve McCurry                 Saul Leiter

Man Ray                            David Hockney

Diane Arbus                     Sabine Weiss

Ernst Haas                       Joel Meyerowitz

Robert Doisneau             Vivian Maier

Elliott Erwitt                     Willy Ronis

W. Eugene Smith            Dorothy Bohm

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Sean Tucker              Pierre T. Lambert

Oddbjorn Austevik   Fiona Lark

Thomas Heaton        Frederik Trovatten

Evan Ranft                 Brendan Van Son

Gary Gough               Marques Brownlee

Ted Forbes                 Terry Warfield

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